Compete in the Ninja God Invitational I!

Feb. 21, 2023 (PST)
Feb. 26, 2023 (PST)


Tournament Date

March 11th, 11 AM (PST)

On-Air Talent

Host: GungHo Jun
Commentators: CAJman777 and Ochi


1st: $200 Amazon Gift Card + Emma's Athletic Attire
2nd: $150 Amazon Gift Card + Emma's Athletic Attire
3rd: $100 Amazon Gift Card + Emma's Athletic Attire
4th: $50 Amazon Gift Card + Emma's Athletic Attire


Sign up fee:


-Able to understand and communicate in English.
-Players must have a Discord account in order to participate.
-Willing to appear on broadcast/official images.
-Minors must obtain permission from a parent or guardian to participate.
-Must reside in North America or Europe.
-Must be 13 years or older to enter.


16 Players

Registration Period

February 21st, 2023, 6 PM - March 3rd, 2023, 7 PM (PST)

-GungHo America will hand-select all 16 tournament entrants with heavy input from our Ambassadors.
-We will consider all factors when selecting entrants, including but not limited to previous tournament results and current Ninjala Rank.
-Please note that registering under the link below does NOT guarantee an invitation to the tournament.
-Players are responsible for signing up in time.
-We will only contact entrants who will be participating in the tournament.
-If your entry is missing information or has incorrect information, it may be nullified.
-If participants who are selected choose not to enter or cannot enter during the tournament, the tournament may proceed with or without replacements.

Prize Distribution

Winners will be contacted via the email address provided on the Google Form. Please respond with the requested information in the email before the deadline stated in the message in order to receive your prize.

Your prize may be forfeited if:

-Requested information was not sent by the specified date
-We are unable to verify the validity of your entry

Tournament Rules


Entrants will play on their own personal Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite.


-Assist Codes will be locked to level 5.
-Lab effects will be turned OFF.
-No limit on number of Shinobi Cards used.

Tournament Format

Rounds 1 and 2: 3 Battle Royale Matches

Grand Final: 3 Battle Royale Matches

*The top 4 of each round will move on to the Grand Final.
*The final score of each round will be a total of the scores in all battles in the round.
*If the final score is tied after all matches in the round, we will play one tie-breaker match.



Croissant Arena
Shinobi City
WNA Academy

Grand Final

WNA Junkyard
Eagle City
WNA Academy

Rematch Rules

We will have rematches under certain circumstances. You will not be able to change weapons in a rematch.

If one or more players disconnect during the room creation:
-The tournament organizer will recreate the room and the battle will continue.
If one or more people disconnect with 230 seconds or more remaining in the battle:
-There will be ONE rematch. The rematch will continue even if there are players that are unable to connect to the rematch.
If one or more people disconnect with 229 seconds or less remaining in the battle:
-There will be no rematch. The player(s) who disconnect will not earn any points for that battle.
If one or more people disconnect in the results screen:
-The points shown in the results screen before the disconnect will be counted. There will be no rematch.
If the tournament organizers deem the connection during the battle is unstable:
-The current match will be interrupted and there will be ONE rematch.

-Multiple disconnections may lead to an immediate disqualification from the tournament.
Please check your internet connection before the match using the Settings menu in your Nintendo Switch.
-We recommend a minimum 20-30Mbps Download, and 20-30Mbps Upload speed.

Prohibited Actions

The following actions are prohibited and may lead to a forfeit of your participation prize or a ban from any further Ninjala events or streams. We ask for your cooperation to make the event fun for everyone.
-If you do not access the Discord server and/or channel during the specified times.
-If you buy, sell, trade, gift, or accept an entry spot in this tournament.
-If you perform any in-game actions or disconnect without instruction from the tournament organizer.
-If you alter the game data or perform any illegal actions in-game.
-If you coordinate with other participants to fix or rig the results of the match.
-If you act in a way that is unfitting for the public, harass or threaten other participants.
-If you take any other actions which disrupt the flow of the tournament.

Other Guidelines for the Event

-In the event of unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters or power outages, we may cancel this tournament. In the case of a natural disaster, please follow the instructions of the staff.
-We ask that you fully cooperate with event staff to make sure the tournament goes smoothly. Failure to cooperate may result in disqualification.
-GOEA will not take responsibility for any accidents or harm that may occur due to the player’s actions during this event.
-By entering and signing up for this tournament, players will agree to all terms on this page.
-Please be aware that any of this information may change at the tournament organizer’s discretion.
-GOEA reserves the right to cancel this event at any given time, including and up to 60 minutes prior to the scheduled event time.