Official Thank You and Apology Regarding the Ninjala Open Beta

Apr. 30, 2020 (PDT)
30 Apr. 2020 (BST)
30 Apr. 2020 (AEST)
Apr. 30, 2020 (PDT)
30 Apr. 2020 (BST)
30 Apr. 2020 (AEST)

We would like to thank all players around the world who took part in the Ninjala Exclusive Ninja Club Open Beta.

We were overjoyed to see a user response that exceeded our highest expectations.
At the same time, we deeply regret that unforeseen server load issues made it difficult or impossible for many of you to enjoy the game as intended. We offer our sincere apologies.

We conducted multiple stress tests based on estimated server load in the weeks leading up to the game's release.
However, despite our best efforts, unforeseen issues resulted in many users being unable to login.
Even in cases where login issues were resolved, further issues with the matching server resulted in users under certain environments being unable to be matched for battle.
We offer our sincere apologies to all users who were affected by either or both of these issues, and were thus unable to enjoy the open beta.

Thanks to your enthusiastic participation in the beta and server tests, we have identified the remaining issues, and assure you that our team is hard at work to ensure a stable server environment and uninhibited gameplay experience for the release version of the game.

In closing, we would like to once again thank all players, as well as all those who broadcast or uploaded videos of their experience.
We thank all players around the world for your support of Ninjala and hope you will enjoy the full Ninjala experience when the game is released!

Sincerely, the Ninjala Team